Creative Designs Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

custom website designs

I have heard it all from “I can’t design or draw worth squat” to “I am terrible with computers”. It’s ok if you are not the most amazing drawer, creator, designer, or visionary. But we all have a bit of creativity in us that we haven’t discovered yet.

When we hear the term “Creative Design”, some may think primary colors, doodling, posters, or whatever comes to mind. It is not bundled in one category; creative design can expand further than you can even imagine.

With creative design meaning, it is computer-generated imagery and digital animation created to visualize a product or product.  You can look beyond that scope of Computer-Generated Imagery, which can be easily utilized in everyday things.

So, let’s sum it up in 140 characters…!

“Creative designs are unique ways to display effective, brilliant designs with out-of-the-box thinking & going the extra length to make it unique.”

Nailed it! 140 characters exactly.

We can always get more defined in branding design, functional design, corporate design, etc. There is so much that design can be broken up into several pieces. Even with custom website designs, you have to think in the back of your mind "How can I make this website one of a kind?"

This is where you need to be creative within yourself, expand your horizon and think like no other.  The best saying is “work smarter, not harder” which falls into the same concept with design.  “Less is more”.

Doodling, for example, is creative! If you were or still are a doodler, that is creative art within itself, so doodle away! There is no limit to design & creativity.